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Love should be void of expectations

Sri Ramakrishna used to explain the true nature of the highest love through an incident from the Mahabharata. Once, Arjuna became…

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Be mindful of the heart’s desires

Sri Ramakrishna would caution his devotees about dealing with desires in one’s heart, particularly base desires such as lust and lucre….

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Stay away from the impure

Sri Ramakrishna would often warn his devotees about associating with worldly people i.e. those immersed in the pursuit of worldly enjoyments…

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Earnestness matters the most

Sri Ramakrishna would often extol to his devotees about earnestness in spiritual life. He would say that earnest seekers would always…

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Be aware of the everyday world

Sri Ramakrishna had practiced the disciplines prescribed according to the different schools of Hinduism and had reached the ultimate goal according to each…

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Occult power is a hurdle to sadhana

Sri Ramakrishna would often warn his devotees about the dangers of occult powers. He would say that they are extremely alluring…

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Nothing distracts a true devotee

Sri Ramakrishna used to explain to his devotees the nature of true devotion. He would say there are various classes of…

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Faith is a must for spiritual aspirants

Sri Ramakrishna would often tell his devotees about the power of faith. He would say that the person, who is endowed…

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A perceptor should live by example

Sri Ramakrishna would often talk about the place of the Guru or teacher in spiritual life and that only those who…

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When free will stops, Divine grace begins

Spiritual aspirants often find it difficult to reconcile the contradictory doctrines of man’s free will and God’s grace. They are often…

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