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In: Sunday Guardian

Priceless jewels are mere trifles

Sri Ramakrishna used to tell his devotees that one should not try to understand God by worldly estimations under any circumstances….

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The Ultimate is beyond words

Sri Ramakrishna would describe to devotees the nature of the Ultimate Truth or Brahman. He would say, Brahman can be realised,…

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Beyond knowledge and ignorance

Sri Ramakrishna would often explain to his devotees the true nature of God. He would say that God is beyond both…

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When fear gives way to compassion

Sri Ramakrishna would present before his devotees different facets of God during his conversations. Once he was talking to them about…

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Adopt a life of genuine holiness

Sri Ramakrishna would explain to his devotees the power of associating with anything holy. He would say that such associations are…

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A true devotee seeks nothing

Sri Ramakrishna would extol the glory of true devotion. He would say that a devotee, who has tasted the bliss of…

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Faith is crucial for spiritual progress

Sri Ramakrishna would often explain to his devotees the power of faith. He would say that faith is an extremely powerful…

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Devotion must be single-minded

Sri Ramakrishna would often extol before his devotees the power of single-minded devotion. To illustrate the nature of such devotees he…

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Know the power of samskaras

Sri Ramakrishna would often advise his devotees to be aware of the power of samskaras. Such awareness would help them understand…

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A teacher must be established in tyaga

Sri Ramakrishna would often say that a teacher has to set very high standards if he has to command the respect…

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