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Morari Bapu at Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi
Satsangh with Morari Bapu – 06 Feb 2016

We were happy to have with us Morari Bapu, noted exponent of kathaas, for an evening's Satsangh at the Vivekananda Auditorium, Ramakrishna Mission,... Read More
Swami Jyotiratmananda at Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi
Sadhak aur Adhyatmik Jeevan by Swami Jyotiratmananda – 01 Nov 2015

Swami Jyotiratmananda Swami Jyotiratmananda ji, Ramakrishna Mission, Aurangabad, spoke on साधक और अध्यात्मिक जीवन i.e. Spiritual Aspirant and Spiritual Life. The... Read More
One can control the restless mind

Devotees would often come to Sri Ramakrishna and unburden to him the contradictory feelings arising in their minds. They would say…

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Parrot In A Cage
Be persistent and march ahead in life

The devotees would often approach Sri Ramakrishna and plead about the inability to get over their negative tendencies. In spite of…

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