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Adopt a life of genuine holiness

Sri Ramakrishna would explain to his devotees the power of associating with anything holy. He would say that such associations are…

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A true devotee seeks nothing

Sri Ramakrishna would extol the glory of true devotion. He would say that a devotee, who has tasted the bliss of…

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Faith is crucial for spiritual progress

Sri Ramakrishna would often explain to his devotees the power of faith. He would say that faith is an extremely powerful…

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A perceptor should live by example

Sri Ramakrishna would often talk about the place of the Guru or teacher in spiritual life and that only those who…

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When free will stops, Divine grace begins

Spiritual aspirants often find it difficult to reconcile the contradictory doctrines of man’s free will and God’s grace. They are often…

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Dispassion comes like a flood

Sri Ramakrishna would often explain about the nature of dispassion and Vairagya. He would say that when a person is possessed…

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Knowledge has to be experienced

Sri Ramakrishna would often tell his devotees about the extraordinary nature of Ultimate Knowledge. He would say that such knowledge is…

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Purify your heart first to realise God

Sri Ramakrishna would emphasise again and again about the preparatory steps for spiritual awakening, in particular, purity of heart. He used…

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God is more than form, formless

Sri Ramakrishna would often caution his devotees about the dangers of being rigid in one’s spiritual beliefs. He would ask the…

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Swami Ranganathanandaji Endowment Lecture by Swami Shantatmanandaji

This Endowment lecture, titled ‘Sangha Janani‘, in memory of Revered Swami Ranganathanandaji, on the Holy Mother, Sri Sarada Devi, was delivered…

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