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Vedantic way of life and courage to be by Swami Veetamohananda-Sept-2019

A Spiritual discourse on the “Vedantic way of life and courage to be” delivered by Revered Swami Veetamohanandaji Maharaj, Head of…

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Narayana Seva-20 December-2018

As in previous years, Daridra Narayana Seva was organized this year also in the Mission premises on 20th December 2018. For... Read More
Ramcharitmanas by Swami Sukhananda
Discourse on Ramcharitmanas By Swami Sukhananda-Sept-2016

Revered Swami Sukhanandaji Maharaj, Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission, Patna gave a series of evening talks on the Ramcharitmanas at Sarada Auditorium, Ramakrishna... Read More
Sadhana gives one affirmed visions

Devotees would often ask Sri Ramakrishna to enlighten them about the way illumined souls live. They would often express doubts as…

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Karma decides our circumstances

Good people, in particular, religious and spiritual people, often feel baffled about the nature of good and evil. They are unable…

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Do not act out of restlessness

Devotees would often complain to Sri Ramakrishna that they are endeavouring in ever so many ways to progress spiritually, but are…

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Sadhana will help realize one’s truth

The Hindu scriptures, again and again, assert the true and supreme nature of humankind. Swami Vivekananda used to give a beautiful…

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Be a lamp unto yourself

Devotees would often visit Sri Ramakrishna to discuss about spiritual life. Sri Ramakrishna would take enormous pains to guide them and…

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Intense effort is needed for sadhana

Devotees would often come to Sri Ramakrishna wishing to learn and discuss about scriptures. Sri Ramakrishna would encourage them. But when…

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Sri Ramakrishna at Dakshineshwar
Sadhana requires focus and purpose

Many devotees would come to Sri Ramakrishna and openly confess to him that they are unable to progress in spiritual life…

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