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Seek the company of the holy

Sri Ramakrishna would often extol the power of the company of the holy. He would say that holy company is capable…

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Stay focused on purpose of life

Sri Ramakrishna would often caution his devotees about the need to be focused on the real purpose or goal of life….

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Try to attain the highest knowledge

Sri Ramakrishna would warn his devotees about the power of samskaras. He would say that even a man of realisation can…

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Teachers should be an inspiration

Sri Ramakrishna would say that the capacity of a teacher to inspire his students or disciples would depend upon the strength…

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Establish a true relation with God

Sri Ramakrishna would passionately explain to his devotees that God was one’s own and the secret to success in spiritual life…

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Be steadfast in your endeavours

Sri Ramakrishna would often advise his devotees the need to be steadfast in the pursuit of one’s spiritual goal. The habit…

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Beware of religious bigotry

Sri Ramakrishna would often caution his devotees about religious bigotry. He would wonder as to how people pursuing a spiritual goal…

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Understand the essence of shastras

The devotees of Sri Ramakrishna would often discuss with him about the real essence or significance of the shastras (scriptures). While…

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Live with a spirit of detachment

Devotees would often complain to Sri Ramakrishna that they are caught in the net of maya in this world and that…

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Develop the desire for liberation

Sri Ramakrishna would explain to his devotees in great detail the nature of life on earth. He would say that there…

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