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Jars of Dye
Awaken your spiritual powers

Sri Ramakrishna would explain to his devotees how one’s spiritual powers get awakened. He would say that the awakening would generally…

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Road to truth is through Sadhana

Sri Ramakrishna would often caution his devotees about the pitfalls in their attempts to understand the Truth. He would say that…

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Be attentive and fix your mind on God

Sri Ramakrishna would often explain to the devotees, in his own simple and inevitable style, how to fix their mind on…

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Pray to God for pure devotion

Sri Ramakrishna would often caution his devotees about the absence of purity of purpose in devotion. While devotion with a motive…

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Vairagya helps in spiritual life

Sri Ramakrishna would say that to progress in spiritual life one should be constantly alert and ever willing to learn. If…

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The indestructible Self is beyond body

Sri Ramakrishna would often discuss with his devotees about the nature of life on earth. He would lament how people are…

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Be aware of the transitory world

Sri Ramakrishna would draw the devotees’ attention to the nature of the world. He would say that it is extremely important…

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Swami Shantatmananda
Be ready to learn from anyone

Sri Ramakrishna would emphasize upon the role of guru in one’s spiritual life. Such a guru is unique and only one….

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Man of knowledge is like a little child

Sri Ramakrishna would describe to his devotees the nature of a man of true knowledge. He would say that such a…

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God protects His true devotees

Sri Ramakrishna would explain to his devotees that God is truly merciful and would come to the rescue of his true…

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