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Heaven and Hell – Sri Ramakrishna’s Parable

Once Narada, the divine sage, committed some transgression. Then, Vishnu, the Lord of Goloka or heaven, cursed him saying that Narada…

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Feigning is Risky – Sri Ramakrishna’s Parable

Quite often people either seriously or even for fun feign about illness, etc.  Sri Ramakrishna would draw the attention of devotees…

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Why We Disagree

15th of January, 2012 is Swami Vivekananda’s 150th Birthday according to Hindu almanac.  On this day let us try to remember…

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Boundless Faith – Sri Ramakrishna’s parable

Sri Ramakrishna would often explain in glowing terms about the power of faith to his devotees.  To illustrate the idea he…

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Man Proposes and God Disposes – Sri Ramakrishna’s Parables

Sri Ramakrishna would often exhort his visitors to turn their minds away from useless pursuits and strive whole-heartedly for realizing God…

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Power of Illusion

The deluding power of Maya called illusion is discussed extensively in our holy texts such as Puranas.  It is said that…

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Power of Karma

According to Hinduism everyone must reap the results of their past Karma.  One must acknowledge the influence of tendencies inherited from…

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Beguiling Power of Maya

Once Narada requested the Lord of the Universe to show him a glimpse of His Maya through which the impossible is…

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All for a piece of loin cloth

A holy man was living a very simple life and had a pair of loin cloths as his only possession.  One…

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