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Doubt Destroys

Sri Ramakrishna would often extoll the power of God’s name during his discussions with devotees.  He would also say that while…

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Longing for God

Sri Ramakrishna added a new dimension to spiritual life.  Never before had any spiritual master or Guru emphasized so much on…

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God Alone is the Doer

Hinduism speaks of different classes of aspirants.  It advocates different paths for the aspirants pursuing the ultimate goal of life.  These…

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Beyond Words

Sri Ramakrishna would often describe to his devotees the true nature of Brahman.  He would say that the true nature of…

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True Devotion

Sri Ramakrishna used to narrate a beautiful story to explain the nature of true devotion. Once, three friends were going through…

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Self-Help and Self-Surrender

Spiritual aspirants often face a dilemma between self-help and self-surrender.  They are always confused as to how much one should exert…

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Brahman or the Ultimate Truth

People often think that they have understood Brahman fully. But, it is really immeasurable and unfathomable. To drive home this point,…

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Complete Faith

Sri Ramakrishna would often emphasize the role of faith in spiritual life. To illustrate the idea he used to narrate a…

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Search Within

Most of the spiritual seekers try to seek God or the Ultimate Truth in the objective world. They seldom pay attention…

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What is the Way?

Many householder disciples used to visit Sri Ramakrishna and often complain to him about the difficulties in worldly life. They would…

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