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Sri Krishna Janmashtami-September-2018

Sri Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated at the Ramakrishna Misson, New Delhi, on Sunday , the 2nd September, 2018. The main feature... Read More
A talk on The Last Message of Shri Krishna-Swami Prapannananda-Aug-2018

Revered Swami Prapannanandaji Maharaj, the Head of Sacramento centre in USA, gave a talk on “The Last Message of Shri Krishna”... Read More
One can control the restless mind

Devotees would often come to Sri Ramakrishna and unburden to him the contradictory feelings arising in their minds. They would say…

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Jesus Christ and his Message by S R Das Gupta

JESUS CHRIST AND HIS MESSAGE – By S. R. DAS GUPTA, M.A., B.L. [Address delivered on the occasion of the Christmas…

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