Visit of Most Revered President Maharaj – 19th March-2018

Visit of Most Revered President Maharaj

We are extremely happy to inform you that Most Revered President Maharaj, Srimat Swami Smarananandaji Maharaj, will be visiting Delhi Ashrama on his way to Mayawati. He will arrive at our Ashrama on the 19th of March, 2018 around 11:30 am.

We request our devotees to assemble in large numbers at the Ashrama by 11:00 am at the latest so we can together welcome Most Revered Maharaj.

Assembled devotees will also be served Khichuri Prasad at noon.

Darshan Timings

Devotees can offer pranams to Most Revered Maharaj on the following days immediately after evening Arati around 7:00 pm.

Dates: 19th and 20th of March as well as on the 4th, 5th and 6th of April, 2018.

Visit of Most Revered President Maharaj
Ramakrishna Mission, Ramakrishna Ashram Marg,Paharganj,New Delhi-110055
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