The Tithi Puja of Swami Vivekananda will be observed on Sunday the 15th of January, 2012 at our Ashrama. As usual, there will be Puja, Havan, Bhajans and a short discourse on Swamiji. At the end Prasad will be distributed to all the devotees. All are invited to come and participate and receive the blessings of Swamiji.

Please enroll your names for the next Bhakta Sammelan to be held on 19th of February, 2012 for which we have selected a very important theme, namely ‘Tyaga’ (earlier post).

As mentioned earlier, Swami Vivekananda Birth Anniversary souvenirs are available at a discount of almost 80%. Devotees are requested to avail of this rare opportunity and collect the souvenirs which would remain with them all their life. They can also buy these items through our website

Yours in service,
Swami Shantatmananda

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