Sekhar Sen is a name today who has proved himself as a talented singer, music composer, lyricist and actor. Born and brought up in a Bengali family of Raipur Chhattisgarh, he was fortunate to learn music from his parents late Dr. Arun Kumar Sen & late Dr. Aneeta Sen renowned classical singers of Gwalior Gharana & Musicologists. Shekhar established himself as a singer with a different style by singing the medieval poets like Raskhan, Raheem, Lalitkishori, Bhooshan Bihari & many more. To his credit, he has done more than 1200 singing concerts all over the world, released more than 200 cassettes & CD’s as singer, composer & lyricist.

We had the pleasure of watching Sekhar Sen live, performing his mono-act drama on ‘Swami Vivekananda’, over the National Youth Day weekend (13 Jan 2013). The 700 seating capacity of the Vivekananda Auditorium was packed an hour before the start of the show. Many more people had to stand in the aisles during the program.

The mono-act is a show, dramatized by Sekhar Sen, who is dressed like Swamiji, and gives an autobiographical account of his entire life. The show is punctuated with songs from Swamiji’s life. A classical singer himself, Sekhar Sen is at total ease switching between a complex musical soiree to a heart-gladdening drama, and back again!

Swami Shantatmanandaji felicitated Shri Sen after the program. Shri Sen satisfied the curiosity of the onlookers by showing his hidden mike and revealing that the whole show was extempore! A stupendous feat of memory, musical talent and acting. He felt himself blessed by the Lord for having given him such longevity (it was his 213th show on Swamiji).

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