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150th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Swami Vivekananda

Dear Friends,

We are glad to invite you, your family and friends for our next programme under Swami Vivekananda’s 150th Birth Anniversary Celebrations to be held on Sunday, the 12th of August, 2012 at 5:30 p.m. in the Vivekananda Auditorium as per programme below. Prof. Kiran Walia, Hon’ble Minister for Social Welfare, Government of N.C.T. of Delhi, has kindly agreed to grace the occasion as Chief Guest.

The Vivekananda Auditorium in our premises has been completely renovated and air-conditioned with the financial assistance of the Central Government. This will be inaugurated on the 12th of August, 2012.

Swami Vivekananda’s life and message are a perennial source of inspiration to the entire humanity, in particular to our countrymen. Hence, we have published a translated version of the life and message of Swami Vivekananda in several languages such as Urdu, Kashmiri, Sanskrit, Santhali, Tulu, etc. These books have been published with the financial support of the Central Govenment.

The function will be a brief one and will be followed by a classical vocal concert by Ustad Rashid Khan.

Yours in service,
Swami Shantatmananda


5:25 pm – Arrival of the Chief Guest
5:30 pm – Lighting of lamp to inaugurate the renovated auditorium
5:32 pm – Welcome address by Swami Shantatmananda
5:35 pm – Address by Swami Suviranandaji, Assistant Secretary, Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math
5:42 pm – Release of new books
5:45 pm – Address by Prof. Kiran Walia
5:52 pm – Vote of thanks by Swami Shubhakarananda, Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math
6:00 pm – Vocal recital of Ustad Rashid Khan


Renovated Auditorium inauguration - FrontRenovated Auditorium inauguration - Back

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