Swami Vivekananda’s 150th Birth Anniversary Celebrations

Devotee’s Convention on the 25th and 26th January, 2014

It has been intimated by our Headquarters that the concluding function of Swamiji’s 150th Birth Anniversary will be held at Belur Math on the 25th and 26th January, 2014.  They have asked for the registration of the delegates who are willing to attend the Convention.  The brief details in this connection are given below:

  1. The number of male residential delegates from Delhi has been fixed at 135 and female delegates at 15.  The number of non-residential delegates has been fixed at 9.
  2. Male resident delegates will be accommodated at Baranagar Mission, Saradapitha and Vivekananda University Centres while female delegates will be housed at Saradapitha.  Non-resident delegates will have to make their own arrangements for accommodation.
  3. Each delegate will have to fill in an enrollment form and pay Rs. 300/- as delegate fee.  Non-resident delegate will have to pay Rs. 150/- as delegate fee.  Non-resident delegates will get lunch and evening tea at Belur Math during the convention days.  The enrollment form is available in the office.  We shall provide the enrollment form after your registration is confirmed.
  4. On registration each delegate will be given a copy of the ‘Directions to the Resident Delegates’ and the instructions there should be strictly followed.  Resident Delegate Cards will be issued at the respective camps of stay and non-resident delegates will have to collect their Delegate Cards from Belur Math Counter on the first day of the Convention.
  5. Delegates are required to reach their camp on the 24th January, 2014 and leave it on the 27th January, 2014.  They must book their railway / air tickets accordingly.  They will be picked up at the station of arrival / airport for transport to the camp.
  6. The convention is open to devotees in the age group 20 to 70.  Devotees suffering from any heart or other serious ailments are requested not to register.

Devotees who wish to attend the function may come and register their names at our office.  Seats are limited and hence it will not be possible to accommodate all requests.

Yours in service,
Swami Shantatmananda

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