As part of Swami Vivekananda’s 150th Birth Anniversary celebrations inaugurated by the Prime Minister on 12th January 2011, three kinds of competitions were organized by the Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi:

  1. Annual Swami Vivekananda Quiz Competition for school students
  2. Swami Vivekananda Inter-School Declamation Contest and
  3. Awakening India Essay Competition for college students.

As a result of these competitions, as many as 19 candidates got handsome prizes ranging from Rs. 1000/- to  Rs. 15000/- along with works of Swami Vivekananda.   In addition, many students got consolation prizes.   Also Certificates were awarded to all those who had done fairly well in these competitions.

For distribution of all these prizes, a solemn function was organized by the Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi, and Dr. Kiran Bedi, I.P.S.(Rtd.) was invited to preside over this function and distribute the prizes.

The Prize Distribution function was held on Wednesday, the  9th  February 2011 at the Vivekananda Hall of the Ramakrishna Mission.   It was attended by as many as 900 people, mostly students.  Dr. Kiran Bedi arrived at the venue by about 10.45 p.m.  Immediately thereafter she rushed to the Auditorium along with Revered  Secretary Maharaj and  both of them occupied the front seats.  Then there was an invocation rendered by children of Sarada Children’s Forum of the Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi.   They also presented some interesting programmes concerning the life and teachings of Swami Vivekananda.   After their performance on the stage, both Dr. Kiran Bedi and Revered Secretary Maharaj were invited to take their seats on the dais.   As soon as Dr. Kiran Bedi took her seat on the dais, Revered Secretary Maharaj presented some books and a memento to her.   He then delivered a shor t and inspiring welcome Address and exhorted the students to emulate Swami Vivekananda as a role model.

After the welcome speech, four students who came first in the above competitions delivered short speeches.  They were Kum. Neelakshi Prabhakar from St. Mark’s Senior Secondary School, Meera Bagh, Kum. R. Bhargavi from S.L. Suri DAV Public School, Kum. Pinkal Meena from Kamla Nehru College and Kum. Meenakshi Chauhan from Sri Ram Shiksha Mandir, Zindpur.

After the short speeches by the above students, Dr. Kiran Bedi made an effective and inspiring speech.  All along she dwelt at length with the problem of eradication of corruption rampant in our society and she exhorted the students not to rest till corruption is eradicated in India.  She virtually suggested the amended version of Swamiji’s oft repeated quotation, ‘Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached’  as ‘Arise, awake and stop not till corruption is eradicated’!  This was applauded by one and all in the Auditorium.

Soon after she completed her speech, Dr. Kiran Bedi distributed the prizes to all the 19 main prize winners. (A list of these prize winners is enclosed).  The rest of the consolation prizes and  certificates were distributed to the concerned students by volunteers after the Meeting was over

The entire programme was over by 12.20 p.m.   After the function, prasad packets (each containing one sweet (balushai and one samosa) were distributed to all those who attended the function. (Altogether 900 prasad packets were arranged and distributed on this occasion).

A consolidated  list of prize winners and the statistical reports in respect of the above competitions are being prepared and kept separately in the respective files.

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