Video Live streaming of the celebration from 7:30 am onwards:

Dear Devotees,

Sub: Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima will be celebrated in the Ashrama on Saturday, the 24th of July, 2021 with special Puja, Homa, Bhajans and a short discourse. The entire function will be webcast from 7:30 am onwards and will be available on YouTube for live viewing.

But, due to Covid Pandemic restrictions imposed by the Government, you may visit the Ashrama and offer pranam at the temple, but cannot sit inside. The Government has strictly banned gatherings. Hence, we request our devotees not to request for any permission to sit inside the temple or attend Arati, etc.

The devotees will be given some prasad (sweet).

Devotees wishing to contribute may donate online through our website against the Head “Pujas and Celebrations”. Of course, there will also be a counter for receiving donation in person, but it is preferable to donate online.

All are requested to leave the temple immediately after offering pranams so as to facilitate the darshan of other devotees.

The guidelines regarding darshan which were announced earlier remain the same as furnished below: –

As per Government regulations :

· Temperature checks will be done at the entrance to the Ashrama. Anyone with 99 degrees F and above temperature will be denied entry.

· Devotees with symptoms of cold and cough will be denied entry.

· Social distancing norms are to be strictly followed at all times inside the Ashrama premises.

· All visitors MUST wear face masks while inside the Ashrama.

· No offerings will be allowed inside the temple. The same may be deposited at the temple entrance and will be used after being properly disinfected.

· Devotees coming by vehicles will be allowed inside the premises after temperature check of all the passengers including the driver.

The Book Sales Counter will also be kept open with the restrictions mentioned above. Further, a maximum of 5 visitors would be allowed inside the Book Sales area at any time.

Thanking you,

Yours in service,
Swami Shantatmananda

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