Subject: #LargestVaccineDrive – Request for CSOs Support

Dear CSO,

As you are aware, in the context of COVID 19 vaccine rollout, the Government is prepared to undertake an unprecedented immunization drive for the country starting 16th January 2021. Based on a prioritised list of persons most at risk, India is geared to vaccinate 3 crore healthcare and frontline workers. The success of this program aimed at containing the COVID-19 pandemic would require close collaboration of all stakeholders.

  1. Niti Ayog has been a pillar of support right through COVID-19. We would like to request Niti Ayog to continue support through their diverse network of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), spread across the nation. These CSOs can continue to play a critical role in dispelling any myths, misconceptions and doubts and amplify factual information on the benefits of the vaccine and vaccination process with communities they interface closely with. The support from the CSO network could be by way of:
  2. Disseminating factual information through CSO network’s Social Media Channels – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. MoHFW shareable Google drive link contains audio, visual, social media content for posting on your channels and retweeting/re- posting requests of relevant materials
    The above link will be updated on an ongoing basis and it may be accessed regularly
  3. Whatsapp Groups – Leverage your national and state level Whatapp groups to share positive and myth busting content, which again we would request the group members to further amplify
  4. Support on-site mobilization activities, specially facilitate the elderly and indisposed vaccines at the session site by providing assistance and transportation support where feasible
  5. The hashtag to be promoted for 16th January 2021 #LargestVaccineDrive . It may kindly be promoted by the CSO networks social media handles to support public’s confidence in the drive
  6. We look forward to your support in making the Covid-19 vaccination drive a success. For any facilitation our representatives Ms. Gauri Rishi (9811005199) or Shri Gurpratap (9654329211) may be contacted.

Warm Regards,

Padmaja Singh
Joint Secretary (SNA,VI,MT)
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Government of India

Nirman Bhawan
New Delhi