Karma Yoga : Theory and Practice

We have been regularly conducting classes on Karma Yoga for quite some time.  Perhaps, it is appropriate that we try to put into practice what we have been discussing so far.  Unless we make these great truths part of our daily life, our understanding will not be full or complete.  Hence, we propose that the first Sunday of every month will be dedicated to Karma Yoga, both theory as well as practice, in the following manner.

On the first Sunday of every month devotees who volunteer for this purpose will assemble at the Mission premises in the morning, say by 8:00 a.m., and take over all items of work of the Mission.  These include cleaning and dusting of the premises, temple duties, all kitchen work such as cooking and cleaning of utensils and even cleaning the washrooms.  The work will continue throughout the day with suitable breaks for snacks, lunch, tea, etc.  We will also try to include Japa and Namsankirtanam sessions during the day.  Of course in the evening there will be a Karma Yoga theory class as usual.  Those who wish to volunteer for this work may enroll their names through our office.  They may also indicate the items of work of their choice.  However, every volunteer should accept the Seva assigned to him.  In fact, this is one of the fundamental disciplines of Karma Yoga.

It is hoped that the idea will be welcomed by all our devotees and friends and that they would enroll in large numbers.  This will lead to a greater involvement of devotees in the activities of the Ashrama.  This service is very similar to the Karseva by Sikh community and the service activities in other religions which is considered an essential part of their spiritual journey.

Yours in service,
Swami Shantatmananda

Photos from Apr 1, 2012:

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