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True Devotion

Sri Ramakrishna would emphasize that true devotion is a matter of experience and feeling and it does not depend upon one’s…

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Our Real Nature

The following parable of Sri Ramakrishna conveys beautifully man’s real nature. Once a pregnant tigress attacked a flock of sheep.  In…

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Sri Ramakrishna often used to emphasize that total and complete faith is absolutely essential for progress in spiritual life.  To highlight…

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Sri Ramakrishna used to explain beautifully the theory of reincarnation (rebirth) using a parable.  The theory of Karma is deeply linked…

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True Self-surrender

Sri Ramakrishna in his own inimitable style brings out the concept of true self-surrender through the following parable. Sri Rama, just…

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True Renunciation

Sri Ramakrishna used to explain what is true renunciation through the following story. There lived a couple in a village.  One…

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The Homa Bird

Sri Ramakrishna used the analogy of the mythical Homa Bird to explain the intense renunciation of certain special class of people. …

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Good and Evil

Sri Ramakrishna gives a wonderful solution to the riddle of good and evil through the following story. There lived a poisonous…

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Practical Vedanta

Sri Ramakrishna had a unique way of imparting spiritual instructions.   The following story told by him shows a very practical approach…

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Ramakrishna and the Harmony of Religions

Sri Ramakrishna, a  mystic saint, was born at Kamarpukur, a village in the Hooghly District of West Bengal.   He was an…

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