Youth Convention – 30 Jan 2016

As part of the National Youth Day Celebrations, Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi, organized a full day Youth Convention. This was attended by nearly 800 youth.

Sri Swapan Dasgupta delivered the keynote address. Sri Anand Kumar (Super30), Sri Vinayak Lohani(Parivaar) and Sri Nimesh Nimo Patel (Empty Hands Music) were the invited speakers, who encouraged the gathered youth with their rousing interactive sessions.

Talks from this occasion are presented here:

Right-click to Download: Talks by Swapan Dasgupta, Anand Kumar, Vinayak Lohani and Nimesh Nimo Patel respectively.

Swapan Dasgupta, Anand Kumar, Vinayak Lohani, Nimesh Nimo Patel

(CCW from top) Swapan Dasgupta, Anand Kumar, Vinayak Lohani, Nimesh Nimo Patel

Swapan Dasgupta is a senior Indian journalist. At various points in his career, he has held senior editorial posts at The Statesman, The Daily Telegraph, The Times of India,The Indian Express and most recently India Today, where he was Managing Editor till 2003. He has been published inThe Pioneer, The Telegraph, Dainik Jagran, The Times of India, The New Indian Express, Outlook, The Free Press Journal and several other newspapers and magazines, and is currently a freelance writer for various publications. Over the last decade, he has acquired the fame of being one of the most frequently appearing faces on Indian television. He is seen in all major political debates featured in the English electronic media, and is well known for appearing on NDTV’s weekly segment, Politically Incorrect, with Mani Shankar Aiyar. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan in the field of Literature and Education in 2015.

Shri Ananda Kumar’s Super 30 is a highly ambitious and innovative educational programme which strives to identify 30 meritorious talents every year from among the economically backward sections of the society and prepare them for India’s most prestigious institutions – the IITs.   During the programme the students are provided coaching, lodging and food absolutely free.   Over the years, it has produced hundreds of IITans from extremely poor background.

Shri Vinayak Lohani after doing his B.Tech from IIT, Kharagpur, and MBA from Kolkata, opted out of the placement process and started ‘Parivaar’ with just three children in a small rented building and virtually no financial resource. Today it stands as a shining example of social entrepreneurship.

Shri Nimesh Patel (popularlyknown as ‘Nimo’), even after finding great success as a musician and music producer in his twenties, wanted to seek something more meaningful and fulfilling.   This journey of self-discovery has led to creations such as ‘Ekatwa’ and ‘Empty hands music’, which has brought him international acclaim.

Photos from the Youth Convention:

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