Sri Ramakrishna would warn people against dangers of false pride.  He would tell them about the fall out of such pride.  To illustrate the point he used to narrate the following parable.

A steward of a certain rich man was once left in charge of his master’s property.  The latter had to go to a distant place on business which would result in his being absent for several days.  Hence, he entrusted the maintenance of his properties to his steward.  Although this was a purely temporary arrangement, still the steward suddenly became bloated up with pride.  Whenever someone would ask him as to whose property it was, he would say that the property was his including the houses, gardens and everything else.  He would speak in this way and move about with an air of vanity.  One day he saw quite a lot of fish in one of the ponds of his master’s property.  Although the master had strictly prohibited fishing, still the steward could not resist the temptation of fishing.  As his ill luck would have it, the master appeared without any announcement and saw for himself what his dishonest steward was doing.  The steward could not escape since he was caught red handed sitting on the bank of the pond with the fishing rod in his hands.  Realizing the untrustworthy behaviour of his steward, the master at once drove him away from his estate confiscating all his belongings.  The steward was disgraced and dishonoured and the poor fellow could not even take the box of utensils which was his sole possession.  Such is the fate of people who succumb to the attractions of false pride.

Sri Ramakrishna used to say that man forgets his real status, stature, etc due to false pride and suffers immensely.  Hence, one should always be humble and be ever prayerful to God to protect him from the snares of the world.

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