Sri Ramakrishna would often explain in glowing terms about the power of faith to his devotees.  To illustrate the idea he would narrate a Pouranik anecdote.

One day Sri Krishna and Arjuna were going in a chariot.  Sri Krishna suddenly looked up at the sky and exclaimed, “Behold, what a beautiful flight of pigeons there!”  Arjuna at once turned his eyes in that direction and exclaimed, “Really my friend, very beautiful pigeons indeed!”  It seems Arjuna hardly had the time even to look properly.  He seemed to agree instantaneously to what Sri Krishna pointed out.  But the very next moment Sri Krishna looked up again and said, “No friend, they are not pigeons, it seems.”  Arjuna too saw again and said, “True, they are not pigeons”.  Not for a moment did Arjuna realise the contradiction in his own statements made within a time span of a few moments.  It didn’t occur to him that he had seen a flight of pigeons first and then within a few moments he was noticing them to be different.  Sri Ramakrishna would then explain, “Now try to understand the meaning of this”.  It is well known that Arjuna was a great adherent of truth.  He would not have simply given his assent to whatever Sri Krishna said just for flattering him.  But, he had such an unflinching faith in Sri Krishna that he actually perceived at once whatever Sri Krishna said.”

Thus, Sri Ramakrishna would explain that faith is capable of achieving the impossible.  Faith has an invincible power and it is one of the essential qualities of achieving progress in spiritual life.  One should have unwavering faith in the power of Supreme and doggedly pursue one’s spiritual goal.

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