Sri Ramakrishna would often describe to his devotees the true nature of Brahman.  He would say that the true nature of Brahman cannot be described by words.  That is why it is described in the Shastras as ‘beyond mind’ and also as something from which words come back without comprehending its nature.  He would explain this concept through a beautiful story.

Once, four friends who were on their way to a destination by walk saw a place enclosed by a wall.  The wall was very high.  They all became eager to know what was inside.  One of them climbed to the top of the wall.  What he saw inside made him speechless with wonder.  He cried ‘Ah! Ah!’ and jumped in.  He could not get back to his friends to give any information about what he saw.  Similarly, the second and the third person too did likewise.  They climbed to the top of the wall, uttered the same cry ‘Ah! Ah!’ and jumped in.  Now, who could tell what was inside.  But, the fourth person, after reaching the top of the wall and seeing what was happening inside, didn’t jump in.  But, came back to tell the passersby what was happening inside the enclosure.

The first three friends belong to the category of normal spiritual aspirants or Sadhakas who realize the Ultimate Truth and merge into it.  They cannot come back to tell others about their experience and guide them in the pursuit of that Truth.  But, the fourth person is a special aspirant, someone who has a mandate from God, or a superior power.  Such a person not only realizes the Ultimate Truth, but he also has the capacity to retain traces of his individuality to enable him to come back and guide others in the pursuit of the Ultimate Truth or goal of life.

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