Once Narada requested the Lord of the Universe to show him a glimpse of His Maya through which the impossible is made possible.  After some days the Lord set out on a trip with Narada.  After travelling some distance, He felt very thirsty and requested Narada to fetch some water.  Finding no water nearby, Narada went far away and finally found a river.  He saw a very charming young lady sitting on the banks and was at once captivated by her beauty.  She began to address him with sweet words and before long they both fell in love with each other.  Narada then married her and had a number of children through her and was living happily when a severe pestilence struck the country.  Assessing the situation, Narada decided to abandon the place and go elsewhere.  His wife agreed to his suggestion and both of them left their house along with their children.  But, soon they came across a river and stepped on to the bridge on the river to cross it.  All of a sudden there were terrible floods and in the rush of water Narada’s children and wife were swept away and drowned.  Overwhelmed with the grief of bereavement Narada sat down on the bank of the river and started weeping.  Just then the Lord appeared before him and said, “O Narada, where is the water and why are you weeping?”  At the sight of the Lord he understood everything.  He said, “My obeisance to Thee and my obeisance to Thy Maya”.

Sri Ramakrishna used to narrate the above Pouranik story to impress upon his devotees the beguiling power of Maya.  He used to say that if a divine personality like Narada could get so enmeshed in it, what to speak of ordinary mortals.  He would always advise the devotees to keep sharpened their powers of Vichara i.e. discrimination if they have to cut asunder the bonds of Maya.

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